East Oahu Shoreline Tour (55)

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Take an afternoon sightseeing tour to experience the magic of Oahu's East Shore and windward side.

Highlight Tour Stops and Sights: Halona Blowhole, Hanauma Bay Lookout

  • The best way to see Oahu’s famed southeastern shoreline.
  • Great for visitors looking for a relaxing afternoon
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Availability, Pricing and Reservations

Tour Availability Daily
pick-up-time: 2:00 ~ 2:20 PM from most hotels

Free pick-up from most Waikiki Hotels (see pick-up locations list)

drop-off time: 5:30 PM
tour price: $46.00
for Adult (12+ years old) $36.00
for Child (3-11 years old) 

One-of-a-kind tour experience with an expert tour guide

Tour Stops and Sights

Stop 1

Hanauma Bay Lookout

View one of the most photographed places in Hawai’i and where Elvis was filmed in Blue Hawai’i.

Stop 2

Halona Blowhole and Cove

See ocean geysers erupt and where From Here to Eternity and Pirates of the Caribbean IV were filmed.


Oahu’s Eastern Shoreline

Listen to the stories of the rugged volcanic shorelines of Sandy Beach and Makapu’u.


Waimanalo Bay Recreational Area

See the recently voted #1 beach in Hawaii with it’s picturesque offshore cinder cone islands.


Stop 3

Nu’uanu Pali Lookout & Valley

View beautiful panoramas from high atop Pali Lookout, site of the ancient Hawaiian Battle of Nu’uanu.

The Experience

Take in Sights of East Oahu on Shoreline Tour

Hawaii sightseeing tours are a must when visiting the islands. So join us for a getaway that sweeps you along the stunningly rugged eastern coast of Oahu and up to the windswept cliffs of the Nu’uanu Pali. Your tour guide will show you all the best this beautiful corner of the island has to offer, while personalizing the experience with stories and history along the way.

Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Halona Blowhole Await

It’s an early afternoon pickup that begins with your E Noa guide’s greeting of “Aloha” as you travel toward the slopes of Diamond Head, Hawaii’s most famous landmark. Seabirds soar above the windswept eastern coastline and invite you to view the crystal clear waters of Hanauma Bay, sheltered in the remains of an ancient volcanic crater.

Your guide points out ancient lava fields descending into the sea. You’ll spot Halona Blowhole, a natural wonder where lava tubes meet the crashing surf. Here geysers of water burst forth from the dark rocks in rhythm with the sea.

Bodysurfing Hot Spots & Sweeping Views from Pali Lookout

Sandy Beach, Makapu’u, Waimanalo. Sherwood Forest. These are the bodysurfing playgrounds that draw locals from all around the island. Beware. Mastering these waves isn’t as easy as it looks!

Next you turn towards Oahu’s lushly green Ko’olau Mountain Range and begin the climb. Soon you’re high atop the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout with secluded valleys and misty peaks stretched all around you. The wind is fierce at this spectacular and historic viewpoint. And your guide will tell of ancient Hawaiian battles waged here long ago.

Now it’s time for your return to Honolulu as you travel through mountain rainforests fragrant with tropical flowers. You feel caught up in the diverse history and beauty of Oahu, brought to life by your E Noa guide.

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