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What Does E Noa Mean?


— Rooted in Hawaiian Tradition

E Noa in Hawaiian means "Freedom without restriction". Our tour service is modeled to express that in enjoyment, discovery, and adventure on the island of O'ahu.

The E Noa Mission​

E Noa Tours' mission is to provide visitors with the freedom to explore, relax and enjoy the sights and history of O'ahu. Our company believes that visitors should have the opportunity to experience the magnificent beauty and culture of the island in a stress-free and enjoyable way.

Hop On

Our fleet of mini busses, double-deckers and trolleys are comfortable, modern and maintained by the best team on the island!

Ticket to Ride​

All of our tours come with admissions paid for and provided – we’ve got you covered!

The Reviews Are In

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The History of E Noa

Founded in 1974

E Noa Corporation was founded in the wake of the success of John Brizdle and Roger Watson’s tour company, which offered authentic and personal tours of the island of Oahu in a seven-passenger Volkswagen van. The smaller capacity for guests allowed for a more intimate and cherished experience, quickly becoming one of the most popular activities on the island. Fueled by their exceptional reviews and a steady flow of guests, the two young entrepreneurs formed E Noa Corporation and have since become a testament to standing the test of time in the business world.
Today, E Noa Corporation now manages a fleet of more than 70 vehicles, maintaining its reputation as a pioneer for exclusive and innovative tours in Hawaii. They are committed to showcasing the magnificence of their home state to visitors from around the world and are admired as a benchmark for exceptional customer service within the tourism industry.

The E Noa Crew

E Noa Tour Guides Are Second to None!

E Noa’s tour guides are widely considered to be the best on the island thanks to their wealth of knowledge about Hawaii’s history, culture, and natural wonders. They are passionate about sharing the island’s stories with visitors and take great pride in ensuring that everyone has a memorable experience.

Our tour guides are experts in their fields with years of experience in the tourism industry, making them the best in the business. They are also trained to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring that every visitor feels welcome and comfortable throughout their tour. They’re also just plain cool!

The E Noa Vehicles

Tour Buses, Trolleys & Double Deckers

E Noa Tours has a reliable fleet of vehicles, including mini buses, trolleys, and double deckers, that are well-maintained and operated by the best crew on the island. The company believes in providing their customers with top-notch service that will enable them to have the best possible experience during their visit. To that end, they take great care in maintaining their vehicles, ensuring that they are always in the best possible condition and ready to take on any challenge. Additionally, their crew is highly trained and experienced, with a deep understanding of the local area and the needs of the tourists who visit. Together, these factors make E Noa Tours a reliable and trustworthy choice for anyone looking to explore the beautiful island of Hawaii.
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