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Our Pearl Harbor Tours offer the best value on the island because we provide a wealth of knowledge and information about Pearl Harbor and its history at an affordable price. Our tour guides are experienced and committed to providing a memorable experience for every guest.

Guided Pearl Harbor Tours

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All Admissions Included!

Salute to Pearl Harbor

Learn history and honor the fallen

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Pearl Harbor Remembered

Visit the attack sites of Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor City Tour

See the best of downtown Honolulu & the USS Arizona Memorial

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Things to See at Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Pearl Harbor Visitor Center

Welcome to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, a destination that provides a profound historical experience through its world-class museums, interpretive exhibits along the harbor shoreline, and engaging offerings. The Remembrance Circle stands as a notable tribute, commemorating Medal of Honor recipients from WWII.

The visitor center’s museums offer in-depth insights into the events surrounding Pearl Harbor, the United States’ historical background, and the aftermath of the attack. The “Road to War” exhibit showcases period artifacts, historical news footage, and images depicting American life preceding the war. In contrast, the “Oahu 1941” open-air gallery delves into the perspectives of native Hawaiians and Oahu’s inhabitants during the 1940s.

The “Attack and Aftermath” exhibit presents a collection of films, oral histories, artifacts, and photographs, shedding light on the attack’s impact and the ensuing course of action. Noteworthy exhibits include scaled models of the Arizona Memorial and remnants of the USS Arizona, as well as a Japanese “Kate” bomber and a salvaged WW2 Japanese torpedo.

Visitors may also have the opportunity to interact with veterans on-site, a chance to gain insights into their experiences and procure autographs. The visitor center encompasses supplementary amenities such as a bookstore, gift shop, and convenience store, catering to diverse preferences.

An additional attraction is the Virtual Reality Center, offering visitors a 360-degree immersive encounter. Attendees can utilize VR goggles to explore the USS Arizona battleship, the Pearl Harbor attack, and the contemporary Arizona Memorial. The VR experience commences on the USS Arizona deck pre-attack, proceeds to the events of the assault, and culminates in a detailed exploration of the memorial. All necessary equipment is provided for a seamless engagement.

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USS Arizona Memorial

Central to the national memorial’s significance is the Arizona Memorial, a symbol of great renown. Erected in 1962, its architectural concept reflects America’s engagement in WWII, serving as a poignant tribute to the lives sacrificed on December 7th, 1941. This harrowing incident bore global repercussions, reshaping not only the United States but also leaving an indelible mark on the lives of the numerous Americans who perished, as well as the almost 1.5 million Japanese casualties throughout the Pacific and Asia. Annually, more than 1 million visitors are drawn to this monument, as well as the vessel it honors beneath.

At the visitor center, an essential facet of the Arizona Memorial program unfolds through a theater-bound documentary. The 23-minute film provides a comprehensive account of the attack, furnishing a contextual foundation before guests proceed to embark on the vessel voyage. This segment is a somber acknowledgment of the 1,177 lives lost aboard the Arizona during the assault, which constituted nearly half of the total casualties on that fateful day.

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Battleship Missouri

The Iowa-Class Battleship USS Missouri holds immense historical importance, occupying a revered position at Pearl Harbor. Notably, it was on these very decks that the official documents signaling the conclusion of World War II with Japan were signed. This remarkable vessel offers the opportunity for comprehensive exploration, both internally and externally. Whether ascending to the bridge stories above the main deck or descending into the living quarters, the expanse of this colossal WWII battleship presents a multitude of captivating sights.

Comparable to the USS Arizona, this ship stands as a testament to warfare, characterized by its imposing guns that dominate the deck. It’s truly astounding to consider that nearly 2000 sailors called these vessels home for extended periods during the war.

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